1961Coffee  Black Betty - Capsule

Black Betty Capsule -10 units

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Originally roasted as a trial and created by Ash Nathan, this blend became so popular that it’s now a house permanent. Why Black Betty? It might surprise you that she’s not about the famous tune. Seeing as Perky Jo needed a friend, we decided to pay homage to the famous pretty black bar maid who worked at the notorious Tom King’s Coffee House in Covent Garden, London in 1720. Controversial? We like to push a few buttons and if its about great coffee then it’s all good!

Beans are sourced from exotic Guatemala and Brazil. Black Betty’s tasting notes are of hazel nut, dark chocolate and orange zest. It has a rich strong body and is very smooth just like Betty.

  • Awaken the senses with smooth sweet undertones, perfectly balanced by mild acidity for a bright, light aftertaste
  • Compatible with all Nespresso brand coffee machines
  • Coffee is locally roasted and packed within 7 – 10 days and stays deliciously fresh for up to 2 years