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Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans

Enjoy a Delicious Blend of Our Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans

You can readily order and enjoy the taste of fresh roasted coffee beans with our delicious selection of blends. We source the finest beans from around the world and roast in-house to our requirements resulting in maximum flavour without compromising on quality. Our exceptional customer service, range of products including fresh coffee beans and pods, prompt order processing, and delivery means you can relish the flavour of a delicious brew in the comfort of your home.

What You Can Expect From Us Regarding Fresh Roasted Coffee

We provide quality products and offer a discount on your first online order. Here are some other benefits of our service:

  • You can get specially roasted coffee delivered to your home: You can enjoy a delicious brew at home in the morning or any time of the day with our specially roasted coffee beans. We maintain high standards of quality assurance and roast beans in-house to our exact requirements so you can get coffee that is of the richest flavour. When you order coffee from us, we adeptly roast the beans and carefully package them for prompt delivery to ensure you receive the freshest product.

  • We provide a selection of coffee blends: We create several coffee blend flavours so you can select the ideal brew to suit your taste. We source our famous Black Betty coffee beans from Brazil and Guatemala result in a rich, smooth brew. You can also notice hints of hazelnut, dark chocolate, and orange zest. If you enjoy other flavoured coffee beans, our Perky Jo is a handcrafted micro blend with tastes of caramel, hazelnut, toffee and pineapple, while our deliciously balanced signature Coffee 1961 blend showcases notes of rum and raisin, chocolate, and sweet berry.

  • We offer wholesale and office coffee: When you want to share your love for quality and tasty coffee with your colleagues or customers, you can enjoy the benefits of our office coffee and wholesale offers. You will get a competitive price when you order 5kg or more of beans, and we provide a wide selection of reliable, premium quality machines and grinders to ensure your staff can save time when getting a delicious cup of coffee. Alternatively, join our coffee family for wholesale beans.

A Brief History of Bean Roasters

The process of roasting coffee beans has changed over the centuries from people first toasting it in a pan over an open flame to the use of machines, making for a more consistent flavour.

  • The cylindrical coffee roaster: While a step up from the pan, a cylindrical roaster features a hand crank so the operator can turn the bean-containing barrel over a flame. This process allows the heat to develop inside the chamber and make the roasting more comfortable than using a pan.

  • The industrial roaster: Commercial roasters became popular in the 19th century, and many featured a cylindrical design. With the availability of gas as a heat source, coffee roasters could refine their flavour as the beans no longer obtained a smoky flavour due to a wood or coal fire. The emergence of large scale commercial roasters, such as the 1864 enclosed cylinder design with an opening mechanism by Jabez Burns, meant that roasting coffee became less dangerous, and producers could develop a more consistent flavour.

  • Electricity and roasters: At the turn of the 20th century, roasters with an electric motor infiltrated the coffee industry. This change meant that roasting beans was less labour intensive, and roasters had better control of the beans exposure to heat, allowing coffee producers to better replicate their ideal conditions.

Modern roasting considers the chemistry of coffee and the changes that happen to the beans during the heating process. This knowledge and modern technology allow roasters to measure the variables and understand what makes a roast successful.

Why Trust 1961 Coffee Regarding Bean Coffee Roasters?

Our roasting house produces exceptional coffee products using quality beans from around the world. Our specialty coffee roasts include three delicious blends that meet our exact roasting standard to ensure maximum full-bodied flavour every time. We provide exceptional customer service, quality products and process orders promptly so you can enjoy a delicious brew. Contact us with any enquiries such as office coffee and wholesale supply or order online for delivery Australia wide.