About Us


Success in the coffee industry is built on providing delicious tasting coffee and by going to great lengths to source the very best available coffee beans, producing consistent roasts every time, and following a roasting process that releases and maximises the flavour without compromise. 

We are fiercely proud of our award winning coffee blends which are painstakingly roasted at our 1961 coffee roasting warehouse. The 'heartbeat' of 1961 coffee occupies a large base that sits next door to our retail coffee lounge, and flagship cafe, 1961 CoffeeHead, located in the heart of the coffee capital of the world, Camberwell, Melbourne.

It's this philosophy, combined with pushing the boundaries, never being satisfied and always striving for more, that has enabled 1961Coffee to cultivate the most loyal coffee drinkers and a clientele here in Australia and abroad, that keep on coming back for more. 


Deeply etched into Ash's earliest childhood memories are the smells and texture of the coffee beans and running through lush coffee bushes in Gampola, Sri Lanka.  It's here that Ash's affinity with coffee began.  And it's all thanks to his Grand Father, who owned and began cultivating coffee estates in the Gampola area, in the late 1800's. 

Born into a coffee family, Ash literally came into the world with coffee pulsating through his veins.  It's no surprise then that Ash's love affair with coffee continued to prosper when he came to Australia and it continues to shine through in every individual coffee roast, coffee cup and 1961 coffee PODS that is poured today.   

Besides having a passion for producing great tasting coffee, Ash’s other loves include cooking, family, travel, sport (of any kind) especially cricket and the Carlton Football Club.


Ash's partner Shiroma helps manage the day to day operation of the business, its social media, marketing, and also its flagship cafe next door, 1961 CoffeeHead. Shiroma comes from a background in economics and member service but is a writer at heart, having already published two books of poetry and currently researching for a third non fiction account of a theatrical tour. She is the creative force behind the business and the proud creator of our best selling coffee blend's 'Black Betty' coffee logo and story. 



Benjamin, fondly known as Benji, hails from Hong Kong. After arriving in the coffee capital of the world, Melbourne, Benji's passion for coffee went to another level. After working in some of Melbourne's top cafes he eventually returned back to 1961 CoffeeHead, one of the first cafes he worked for, to take on the role as Manager and Head Barista. Always looking for an opportunity to increase his knowledge and challenge himself, he learnt to roast and train. Benji is now a nationally accredited trainer, and the Head Roaster.


Coffee Camberwell

Brew the Best Coffee in Camberwell

It doesn’t matter how you prefer your coffee—blends, capsules, decaf, or single origin: we have high-quality coffee for you in any form that you prefer. Every time you open your bag of beans or ground roast, you want a consistent flavour. We procure the highest-quality beans every time and optimise the flavour that you get through our roasting process for coffee in Camberwell. The perfect cup of java, every time: that is what awaits you every morning.

Our founder, Ash, was born and bred surrounded by the aroma of coffee in Gampola, Sri Lanka. His grandfather started a coffee business in the late 1800s, and Ash continued to brew the coffee running in his family’s veins when he moved to Australia and opened 1961Coffee. Today, our team includes a nationally accredited trainer as our Head Roaster and Barista.

We want to share our passion for coffee with you in the form that you want. Every roast that we offer includes a range of convenient options while capturing the essence of good-quality coffee.

What to Expect From the Best Coffee in Camberwell

How do you expect your coffee to taste, smell, and look? Here is the reasoning behind our coffee choices to give you an indication of what good-quality coffee resembles in our opinion:

  • We believe that some of the best coffee beans come from Brazil, Africa, Guatemala, and Colombia. You will find that our coffee has a taste of hazelnut, dark chocolate, caramel, and toffee. We stock blends that we have created that we are sure you will enjoy, or you can choose from our single blends if you prefer one strong taste rather than a combination of flavours.
  • We only choose the best beans to go into your coffee to maximise flavour and give you a consistent roast. We roast and pack our coffee locally within seven to ten days. You can store it for up to two years—if you can make it last that long, that is.
  • Drink the best of both worlds with the Brazil and Guatemala blend that is Black Betty. She brings you flavours of dark chocolate, orange zest, and hazelnut. Choose from whole beans, expresso, AeroPress, plunger, or stovetop. Having multiple brew options available means that you will get the most out of the flavour no matter how your brew your favourite cup.
  • Let Perky Jo awaken your sense with hints of pineapple, caramel, and hazelnut from the plantations of Brazil and New Guinea. Mr Jo won us the 2014 Australian International Coffee Award Bronze with its small batch-roasted goodness.

We also have capsules available that contain the exact same coffee, so you don’t have to compromise on flavour when you use your Nespresso.

Added Services We Bring to You as Coffee Roasters in Melbourne

If you want to try out our coffee before you invest in a bag, find one of the best cafes in Camberwell at our 1961CoffeeHead café. We can also cater your functions or casual events. Above all, we offer you our star product, Camberwell coffee.

  • If you wish to further your passion for coffee, we can provide you with barista training that will include teaching you different ways of grinding coffee, the machines involved, espresso extraction, techniques of coffee-making, and the bonus skills of milk texturing and latte art.
  • Maybe you love our coffee so much that you wish to introduce the rest of your staff to our three award-winning coffee blends? We have a special price if you buy above 5kg, and we can provide you with grinders and machines for the office.
  • We would love to spread the aroma of our coffees far and wide, and if you wish to stock or brew our coffee in your Camberwell cafe, we can offer wholesale orders.

About 1961Coffee

You have nothing to lose and only award-winning coffee and skills to gain by supporting our passion for coffee and the right way of brewing it. Contact us if you want to place an order but can’t choose which blend of the best coffee in Camberwell that you want, or get in touch if you would like to enrol for barista training.