About Us


Success in the coffee industry is built on providing delicious tasting coffee and by going to great lengths to source the very best available coffee beans, producing consistent roasts every time, and following a roasting process that releases and maximises the flavour without compromise. 

We are fiercely proud of our award winning coffee blends which are painstakingly roasted at our 1961 coffee roasting warehouse.   The 'heartbeat' of 1961 coffee occupies a large base that sits at the rear and next door to our retail coffee lounge, CoffeeHead located in the heart of the coffee capital of the world, Camberwell, Melbourne.

It's this philosophy, combined with pushing the boundaries, never being satisfied and always striving for more, that has enabled 1961coffee to cultivate the most loyal coffee drinkers and a clientele here in Australia and abroad, that keep on coming back for more. 


Deeply etched into Ash's earliest childhood memories are the smells and texture of the coffee beans and running through the lush coffee bushes in Gampola, Sri Lanka.  It's here that Ash's affinity with coffee began.  And it's all thanks to his Grand Father, who owned and began cultivating coffee estates in the Gampola area, in the late 1800's. 

Born into a coffee family, Ash literally came into the world with coffee pulsating through his veins.  It's no surprise then that Ash's love affair with coffee continued to prosper when he came to Australia and it continues to shine through in every individual coffee roast, coffee cup and 1961 coffee PODS that is poured today.   

Besides having a passion for producing great tasting coffee, Ash’s other loves include his family, travel, sport (of any kind) especially cricket and the Carlton Football Club.


Shiroma only got involved in hospitality after marrying Ash. She has a background in economics and worked in banks, insurance, member service and administration. She loves interacting with people and personal satisfaction she gets when people are happy with service and food. Shiroma currently looks after recruitment, HR, social media, liaising and creative input. She is the creator, of the outstanding 'Black Betty' coffee blend.  She enjoys reading, writing, travel, classic cinema, and will always consider her greatest achievement being her two children.