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Decaf Coffee Capsules

Quality Decaf Coffee Capsules From The Heart of Melbourne

Henry Rollins said, “What goes best with a cup of coffee? Another cup.” Our sentiment exactly. Coffee runs in our veins, and coffee follows an intricate path to our homes. From cherry to cup, whether long neck or not – we aim to provide you with award-winning coffee blends and decaf coffee capsules consistently roasted for a delicious cup of java. We source and curate excellent quality beans to deliver maximum flavour, every time. We are Melbourne based, in the heart of the coffee capital.

Stages of Decaf Beans: Cherry to Cup

Coffee plants are planted in the coffee belt, located between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, and spans approximately 5 100km, from north to south. Here’s a summary of the journey of the bean:

  • Coffee trees are planted and bears fruit once matured. The cherry (the bean) will go from green to red, yellow and when it reaches orange, it is ready for harvesting. Extracting the coffee bean from the cherry is the next step.

  • During the drying stage, coffee beans’ moisture is reduced to 10-12%, this can be done by the power of the sun or by machine. After that, the beans rest for up to 90 days to improve shelf life. Milling removes the parchment level and polishing removes chaff and improves the appearance of the bean.

  • Grading and sorting are next to group the beans before exporting. The green coffee is now tested for aroma, flavour, sweetness, acidity, bitterness, mouthfeel and balance. This is known as cupping. Roasting is next and starts with a sample roast, a small batch. After that, grinding will be done to suit the brewing method.

Benefits of Decaf Coffee Grounds

Decaf coffee may, in some circles, be associated with the use of chemicals and a ‘lesser’ quality coffee. However, at 1961Coffee, our coffee beans are carefully curated and selected and roasted to produce a flavoursome coffee every time. Here’s what we believe make decaf coffee great:

  • Diabetes is characterised as a modern disease. Decaf coffee may help lower the risk of type two diabetes. Less caffeine may also assist with better sleep and less anxiety, as caffeine is a powerful stimulant.

  • Coffee contains a load of antioxidants, which is beneficial in protecting our bodies from free radicals, which may play a role in developing illnesses such as heart disease and cancer. Antioxidants are also in decaf coffee, so rest assured, your favourite cup of java does look after you.

  • Decaf capsules hold lower acidity, which may help should you suffer from heartburn. Should your family have a history of heart disease, switching to decaf may be an easy way to manage heart health and lower your risk of cardiovascular disease.

About 1961Coffee

Together with many coffee lovers out there we share this passion for coffee across the world. Founder, Ash’s family hails from the Gampola district in Sri Lanka. Gampola is well-known for its lush coffee bushes and the smell of coffee hanging in the air. This love affair continues with the success of our cafe 1961 CoffeeHead next door to our coffee roasting warehouse. We are proud of our journey, and we continue to gather, sift and roast the very best decaf coffee beans to provide you with the excellent standard of 1961Coffee. We are situated in the coffee capital of the world, Melbourne, and our online store offers delicious coffees – roasted to perfection, every time. Our range includes award-winning coffee blends, something for everyone. We offer free delivery for purchases over $40 and multiple ways to pay: American Swiss, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Mastercard and more. We are your coffee connoisseurs, contact us today!