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Specialty Coffee Roasters

Order Delicious Blends From Award-Winning Australian Specialty Coffee Roasters

Our specialty coffee roasters are scientists, artists, and crafters who enable our customers to appreciate coffee on a whole new level. We make magic with the seeds of the coffee plants that others grow, care for, collect, treat, and package before we receive them.

What Goes Into Making Our High-Quality Coffee in Melbourne?

We create rich, fresh, flavoursome coffees that provide connoisseurs all over Australia with an indulgent and memorable experience.

  • We source our high-quality, aromatic coffee beans from around the world and roast every batch meticulously to our exacting in-house standards to create flavours and fragrances for you to enjoy.

  • Our signature blend, Coffee1961, won the 2012 Australian International Coffee Award for Best New Roaster. This aromatic, beautifully balanced product tastes of rum raisin, chocolate, and sweet berry.

  • We blend our bright and awakening Perky Jo micro roast by hand to instil two different high-quality coffee beans: Cerrado from Brazil and berries from the Highlands region of New Guinea. It offers pineapple, hazelnut, caramel, and toffee tones, and we roast it in small batches. This blend won a bronze medal at the Australian International Coffee Awards in 2014.

  • Perky Jo’s friend, Black Betty, consists of exotic beans from Brazil and Guatemala. The smooth, strong-bodied taste features orange zest, dark chocolate, and hazelnut and is delicious when you combine it with almond or soy milk.

  • Our decaf label, Long Neck, provides a cuppa that tastes as pure as full-caffeine coffee because we do not use chemicals during the decaffeination process. You will experience a medium-body hazelnut and toasty, olive-green cocoa palate with a long dark chocolate and toffee finale.

  • We now offer all our specialty coffee—Decaf Long Neck, Perky Jo, Black Betty, and Coffee1961 roasts—in biodegradable, compostable, and 100 percent biobased Nespresso-compatible capsules for your convenience.

Use our single-use, pre-apportioned containers of ground coffee beans to brew your great-tasting morning pick-me-up in a cup or machine. Get 10 percent off your first online purchase today

When Buying Single Origins Coffee, Consider This

When you place an ongoing office or home order for five kilograms or more, we will supply you with freshly roasted coffee beans at a competitive per-kilo price. We deliver our blends and single origins options to your door.

  • Our single origins selection is different from our blended coffees as they grow in a single geographic region that offers specific tastes and unique characteristics. Our Little Bird range consists of the creamy Brazil Ipanema brew that presents notes of dark chocolate, hazelnuts, and roasted almonds, plus the Colombian Supremo with notes of hazelnut, milk chocolate, and caramel.

  • We provide a range of grinders and coffee machines to suit every budget and requirement, so you can always have great coffee at the office and give every team member their fix while saving hassle and money.

  • We sell the best available blends and single origin roasted beans wholesale to individuals who wish to start or grow a business. We also demo diverse specialty grade origins—talk to our friendly staff to find out more.

We produce consistent roasts and maximise flavours without compromise. Experience our delicious, award-winning coffees.

Why You Should Use Speciality Coffee Beans and Blends From 1961Coffee

Our roasters are very precise with their environment and roasting routines, as hundreds of chemical reactions can take place within the ten or 15 minutes that it takes to roast a batch of coffee.

  • These reactions can be difficult to control because time, airflow, humidity, and temperature can cause changes to what you taste in the cup.

  • We complete several sample roasts to find the right recipe and write down the variables to ascertain what is happening during the processes that we mimic in regular, commercial-sized machines.

  • We evaluate for quality and complete the tasting or “coffee cupping” 12 to 24 hours after completing a sample roast to assess the aroma, body, aftertaste, bitterness, sweetness, acidity, and flavours, ensuring that we offer a delicious brew that our clients will come back for repeatedly.

Connoisseurs say that coffees take on the roaster’s personality. Contact us and get to know us better through the products that we supply in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and all over Australia.